Sports Offered

The following sports are offered by our Athletic Association:


Girls Volleyball
JV  Grades 4-6
Varsity  Grades 7-8
Senior  Grades 9-12

Coed Soccer
Intramural  Grades K-3
JV  Grades 4-6
Varsity  Grades 7-8

Volleyball Coordinator: Kathy Lytle
Soccer Coordinator: Wayne Shannon


Pre-JV Girls Basketball     Grades 3-4                                                                                     JV Girls Basketball     Grades 5-6
Varsity Girls Basketball    Grades 7-8

Pre-JV Boys Basketball     Grades 3-4                                                                                     JV Boys Basketball    Grades 5-6
Varsity Boys Basketball    Grades 7-8

Intramural Basketball  Grades K-4

Basketball Coordinator: David Burnham

Coaches needed!  If you are interested in coaching JV boys or girls, please email Dave Burnham immediately. Registration begins October 15th for Grades 5-8.


Softball  Grades 6-8

Softball Coordinator:

Jamie Moulthroup


Please visit our Player Registration page for information on diocesan and parish registration, player eligibility, and volunteer opportunities.