Students and Cell Phones

If a student needs to use a telephone while he/she is attending a class at the parish, one is available in the parish office.

If a parent needs to reach a student during class time in the case of an emergency, please call the parish office at 410 398-1100 (Monday-Thursday untill 8:00 PM) or Ruthie Patterson’s cell phone at 443 350 4627. You may call either of these numbers if you need to get a message to a student (for example, if a ride will be late.)

Note: If a class is held at a private residence, please be sure you have the teacher’s phone number.

There is no need for a student to have a cell phone during class. Please make sure your student is leaving his or her personal cell phone at home or in the car when he or she comes to class.

Our students are in class once a week for two hours or less. Our catechists and assistants who are volunteering their time are due the attention and respect of every student.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in creating a better learning environment by removing the distraction that accompanies constant access to cell phones. Please be diligent about honoring this request for the duration of the program year.